The Vision Group, in conjunction with Paradigm Atlantic and a regional partner network are developing a portfolio of smallhouse units as an alternative model for assistive elder care. Licensed as assisted living, the Indigo promotes a residential experience for residents. Evolving from Bill Thomas’ Greenhouse model of 10-12 residents per house, the smallhouse model has been refined in the last 15 years to a size of 16—20 which still allows a “family” scale with sustainable operations cost.
Increased capital cost (psf) and operational cost over traditional assisted living models is shown in a growing body of data to be offset by improved quality of life, care, and increased satisfaction from staff and family members. This translates to maintaining higher census and less staff turnover.
The smallhouse averages 700 sf per resident with a focus on social gathering space and a program of activities that are personalized to each community. The concept of “universal workers” tasked with housekeeping chores allow staffing to be weighted more to CNA care although RN access is available around the clock. Research reveals that direct resident care is greatly increased in this model heightening the quality of life for residents.  Indigo is a market driven care model for delivering social, emotional and physical well-Being to an aging population.