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West Hills Rehabilitation Center Knoxville, TN

///West Hills Rehabilitation Center Knoxville, TN
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Project Description

Whether you are recovering from hip replacement, surgery, a stroke, a recent fall or a sport injury, West Hills Rehabilitation Center is designed to meet your needs and to attract a positive, upbeat and youthful market. Restorative surroundings and continuum of care draw patients and residents alike, that seek help in the maintenance of their functional rehab therapy gains.

Crisp, bright color schemes featuring hospitality design and decor, designed to appeal to both the college linebacker’s knee surgery and the recovering cardiac patient, aiding in their concise and rapid recovery. Emphasis on the natural environment was given prominence with the elimination of heavy window treatment, a closer connection to the lush courtyard and the addition of a large free flowing fountain in The Gathering Room outside the dining room.

Recovery was encouraged with private rehab rooms equipped with 42” flat screen TV, Cable, Telephone Service, Lounge Chairs and Guest Seating and private baths. Special attention was given to the redesign of shower rooms with enlarged turning radius allowing easy wheelchair access and “gurney” maneuvering. Shower heads and hand held fixtures were relocated to allow ease of use by care-givers. Showers were enlarged, flooring re-sloped to eliminate trip hazards and strong, vibrant but functional surfaces were incorporated to create water therapy features that were practical, functional and beautiful.