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Indigo Homes Prototype

///Indigo Homes Prototype
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Project Description

The emergence of assisted care offered in a smallhouse is a less clinical model and less expensive than the skilled care option. Life quality can best be maintained at this scale and level of care. The Indigo portfolio is currently being developed across the southeast and Texas. Features of the smallhouse include:

  • A front porch entry that feels like a traditional home, mindful of -zero thresholds – creates a good first impression for families and visitors.
  • Unrestricted access to secure outdoor space, adjacent to the main common area allows residents the freedom of choice.
  • Providing both private and public spaces and thoughtful cues to empower residents to make independent decisions, such as the refreshments station of the location of closets in the private bedrooms to facilitate independent dressing.
  • Utilizing the latest circadian lighting therapy allows blue light to predominate in the morning with resident rooms incorporating amber light in motion sensor handrails¬† that lead from bed to bath.
  • A spa room that feels like a “day out” is welcome for those who prefer baths and need more assistance with bathing. Designed for bathing or a soak in a bathing suit with soft music, low lighting and flicker candles is available and encouraged.